Our Students: Steven Harrison from Music

Steven Harrison (SH), 17, from Heysham is a Level 3 Music Student at Kendal College. He started this course in September 2017 after progressing from our one year Level 2 Music programme. Steven recently met with Adele Mundy (AM) the colleges Student Services Manager to discuss the course, why he choose Kendal and what he hopes to do after college.


AM: Why did you choose this course? 

SH: In school, I was never really motivated to do any other subjects, music was where I could express myself and I was driven to practice.

AM: What made you choose Kendal College?

SH: Even though Lancaster and Morecambe College is closer, it was worth choosing here due to the resources and facilities I have at my disposal to work on the music that I want to create. As well as this the reputation that Kendal College has, won me over and made me realise it was worth making the extra journey just to come here.

AM: Is college like you expected? If not, why?

SH: College has been just as I expected, the environment is much more informal than a school which I really like, also because you’re on a course you want to do, people are a lot more motivated which is good because you can relate to them.

AM: What is it you enjoy the most about college life?

SH: The social side of it and being able to talk to tutors like they’re almost your friends not just teachers, we don’t call them Sir or Miss, we call them by their first names which is a really good culture to have.

AM: What opportunities have you had as a student at college?

SH: I’ve been given loads of opportunities to go on trips. We’ve recently been to London to visit a music studio – we do studio lessons in college – but going to a big studio was a great experience.

AM: What is the teaching style like on your course?

SH: At school, it was a lot more formal and I guess and it was a bit chaotic. At college the teachers treat you like an adult, therefore you’re likely to listen to them, rather than just sitting there, you actually enjoy listening to your tutors.

AM: Can you describe a typical day at college?

SH: Come in (on time) and then I go by my schedule; so on Mondays, I come in for English in the morning and then I have break, after that its just rehearsals for the rest of the week. On Tuesdays, I come in for English too, but it’s usually everyone else’s days off. You’re only in 3 days a week.

AM: How would you describe your college experience so far?

SH: So far it’s been really good because I just really love doing music – it’s my main priority now, so I have more time to practice and improve.

AM: What are you hoping to do after college?

SH: I kind of want to be a teacher or maybe do session work.

AM: What facilities do you use regularly at college?

SH: The reception, that’s always there to help you out with something. There are macs in some rooms too – like modern macs. The equipment in the rehearsal rooms and studios is really expensive high spec equipment and you can book these rooms at any time.

AM: If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?

SH: Do it, just make sure you want to be on the course that you’ve chosen. Don’t pick something you’re not so sure about, go for your passion.

If Steven has prompted an interest in Music @ Kendal College, find out more on our website.

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