Our Students: Alice, Harry & Vienna from the Foundation Degree in British Animal Management & Wildlife Rehabilitation


Alice Wood Harry Ashcroft and Vienna McIntosh BN041A01-1 Foundation Degree in Animal Management of British Wildlife (Rescue and Rehabilitation) (UoC)
Alice, Harry & Vienna


Alice Wood, aged 22, from Barrow in Furness.

Harry Ashcroft, aged 68, from Grange over Sands.

Vienna McIntosh, aged 40, from Bowness on Windermere.

Why did you choose this course?
 I progressed from the College’s Level 3 course and decided this was what I would like to do.
HA: I was bored as a retired person, saw the course and felt I would enjoy that!
VM: I really enjoyed the wildlife aspect in the Level 3 course and the Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) inspired me to do the degree.

Why did you choose Kendal College?
 It felt like the College offered an achievable journey. I saw the course and felt it was tailor-made for what I am interested in.
VM: Coming to Kendal College to do a foundation degree was less daunting than the whole process of trying to get into university. The tutors showed me the modules and went through everything we would be doing in the studies, so I was quite aware of what I was getting myself into. There are no other courses anywhere nearby that offer this course as it is ‘Wildlife Rehabilitation’, not ‘Nature & Conservation’, which is available in other areas, it is very specialised.

Alice Wood BN041A01-1 Foundation Degree in Animal Management of British Wildlife (Rescue and Rehabilitation) (UoC)

Is College like you had expected. If not, why?
 The College is much better than what I was expecting. I have friends who are at university and they attend lectures and listen, write, leave, whereas here we can have conversations and debates rather than just listening. You are involved in the learning a bit more. It’s better than I thought it was going to be.

What do you most enjoy about College life?
Being hands-on with the animals. There are such a range of animals that come in, some you never think you will see and you are there handling them with the vet, it’s really good experience.

VM: We get fantastic hands-on experience with the wild animals that come to us. We get injured animals, juveniles, abandoned animals, fledglings and we carry out initial assessments. We are lucky to have a vet on site, so we discuss what the options are and then we make the decisions.

Harry Ashcroft BN041A01-1 Foundation Degree in Animal Management of British Wildlife (Rescue and Rehabilitation) (UoC)

What opportunities have you had as a student at the College?
 Apart from the extensive wildlife opportunities in ARC, there are plenty of field trips.
HA: Being hands-on with the animals and the field trips.

What is the teaching style like on your course?
Very approachable. All of our lecturers are very informative, always have good examples, good materials for research and they point us in the right direction to find out what we want to know for our research.
HA: The tutors are all very approachable and I’ve had no problems interacting with them at all!
VM: Good. Relaxed but thorough, and they bring things together. The tutors are very knowledgeable and have experience from all over from Marine Biology to Zoology to Veterinary Medicine so any questions you have, one of them will be able to answer it, or they’ll have the resources to be able to find the answer.

Can you describe a typical day at College?
 There is no typical day in the Rescue Centre! Which is great, as we don’t know what is going to happen.

How would you describe your College experience so far?
The whole experience has been very positive. The support for the students has been amazing, we have our own facebook group and share references, assignment work.
HA: Very good indeed. I feel as though I am learning a lot!
VM: I am really developing my confidence! We get great support.

Vienna McIntosh BN041A01-1 Foundation Degree in Animal Management of British Wildlife (Rescue and Rehabilitation) (UoC) (2)

What are you hoping to do after College?
The Top up at the University Of Cumbria and hopefully a job in the field, followed by a Masters.
HA: Retire again! I don’t know, I’m doing some ecological survey work at the moment, so I might expand this.
VM: The Top up at the University Of Cumbria and taking it one step at a time!

If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
If you live a long way away, don’t let the travelling put you off! The 2 years on the bus didn’t kill me and now I’m driving it’s not a long journey.
HA: Give it a try. Don’t hesitate, don’t say you can’t, try.
VM: Just do it.

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