Our Music Students head to London!

London - The Dubliners Castle

Kendal College students recently spent three days in London. During their trip, they visited Strongroom Studios for a guided tour and Q&A with studio manager Emma Townsend. Emma also discussed an upcoming Woman’s Day event aimed at promoting women in the music business as well as offering work placement opportunities for young sound engineers.

London - Strongroom Studios

“Strongroom Studios was an inspiring visit. Emma. The studio manager, was incredibly accommodating and spent as much time as possible with us. She was very enthusiastic about getting our students involved in future projects.”
– Dan Bolam, Music Lecturer

“It was an amazing experience to be in the studio where Alt-J and Nick Cave recorded albums. The studio had a creative vibe and amazing gear. I hope to end up back there one day.”
– Michael Elliot, Year 2 Music Student

“I found the studio to be an inspiring place. Emma was so inviting and I feel like I’ve made real industry contacts that I can use in the future.”
– Emily Da Rocha Mumby, Year 2 Music Student

The afternoon was spent in Camden, looking at stalls and local venues such as The Dublin Castle. The Castle has hosted some of the UK’s biggest acts, including Madness, Blur and Amy Winehouse. The day finished with a West End show ‘School of Rock’ at New London Theatre. It was a fantastic production with a live band and full stage show!

London - School of Rock

The final stop on the trip before heading home was The British Museum to explore one of the world’s most extensive collections of art, human history and culture.

London - The BRitish Museum

“I was unsure about ‘School Of Rock’ at first, but in the end I really enjoyed it! The band were top players and showed another side of live performance I’d never experienced.”
– Nathan Byrne, Year 2 Music Student

If the Music trip to London has piqued your interest, find out more about the courses we offer on our website.

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