Meet the English Lakes Culinary Academy Apprentices!


Meet the English Lakes Culinary Academy Apprentices


Ashley Crellin, 24, completed his A Levels at Whitehaven Academy before starting a career in Hospitality

“I enjoyed Food Technology at school, but decided to study a mixture of A Levels including Computing at Whitehaven Academy’s 6th Form and then went onto Teeside University to study Animation. I was cooking my own meals, started experimenting and fell back in love with cooking.

During the summer holidays I got a job at The Seacote Hotel in St Bees and decided to finish university after my 2nd year to work full-time. I later got a job at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe and I’m now a Commis Chef there. They pay me a normal full-time wage, £7.05 per hour and I’m part of their English Lakes Culinary Academy.”


Matthew Lemm, 18, studied at The Lakes School 6th Form, before starting working at Low Wood Bay

“We come to College one day a week for the apprenticeship. At the moment we’re learning about the ethics of food e.g. veal, and the implications of different dietary needs. We learn a lot as you get experience on site as well as learning in a calm, more controlled environment at College.”


Jamie Hardy, 18, completed a college sports course before starting to work for the Lancaster House Hotel

“We are taught by Steven Doherty, a big time chef! He was the first British chef to get three-Michelin stars. He worked with Albert Roux and won Chef of the Year. He’s hands on and he never looks down at you. As well as his classes in College, we’ve had trips to bakeries, butchers and a veg market.”

“We get double the apprentice minimum wage, it builds trust, the company wants to train the next generation and they want us to stay.”


Jack Murr, 17, finished his GCSEs at The Lakes School and now works at the Waterhead Hotel

“Steven came to the school to talk about the opportunities and I applied!”

To find out more about Apprenticeships @ Kendal College, visit our website.


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