Ground-Breaking New Apprenticeship Launched!

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University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) & Kendal College in partnership have launched a ground-breaking Apprenticeship scheme for 2018, providing a jobs boost to the region.

The Healthcare Science Associate Apprenticeship gives learners the opportunity to qualify as a Healthcare Science Associate, enabling them to take up posts within UHMBT Pathology services.

Kelli Horner, Workbased Learning and Corporate Client Manager at Kendal College said: “We are so excited about the launch of this programme. It has been 12 months since we first talked about the opportunity for Healthcare Science Apprenticeships and the new standard has been approved at the perfect time. Working so closely with the Vocational Services Manager and the Clinical Lead for Pathology has meant that we have developed the programme to meet their needs.”


Meet the Apprentices:

Kimberley Griffiths (left), a Microbiology Lab Assistant at Furness General Hospital, said: “It’s brilliant. Older students and mature students have families and other commitments, but this apprenticeship allows us to better ourselves, prepare for our future, without it affecting our family. For a long time I have wanted to progress in Microbiology and I have always struggled with the science area. So when this apprenticeship came about I saw it as an opportunity to help myself progress to the next band level. I was a bit nervous as it is a long time since I studied, so I have to try and get myself into a routine, but I am really looking forward to it.”

Daniel (middle) said: “My background was originally in media, after completing my degree I worked at Signal Films and ITV Granada & ITV West Country. I got into Blood Science accidentally while working at the Christie NHS Trust in Manchester as a laboratory assistant alongside my runner job. I was then given the opportunity to advance and do my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Applied Science allowing me advance.”

“I love the fact my job is fast paced and very hands on and no day is similar. There are always barriers to overcome and think about. I am proud to work in a healthcare setting and it motivates me to know there is a patient at the end of the journey that needs their blood samples testing in order to receive the best quality of care. If you see a job role that picks your interest just apply for it, the NHS recognise transferable skills and help their staff grow.”

Michelle (right) said: “I used to be a hairdresser but wanted to work in Healthcare so I took this opportunity, I am now a Medical Lab Assistant in Blood Transfusion.”

Emma Butterworth (left) from Lancaster said: “I came to work in Histopathology after deciding to take a career change from NHS Dental Nursing. I worked for Pathology for 5 years as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and then left to work for hospital theatres. I then came back to Pathology last summer after nearly 5 years away and applied for a higher role job, that involved the apprenticeship.”

“The team I work with are brilliant and every day is interesting with different specimens. I’m hoping I will be able to further my career in Pathology and possibly go onto degree level later on. I’m looking forward to learning new aspects of my job with the help of the Apprenticeship!”

“There are lots of openings in the NHS to progress with your career. I left school at 17 with my GCSEs and had to finish my A Levels early due to having a baby young. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to qualify in Dental Nursing with the NHS. That definitely helped me come over to working at Lancaster Hospital and lead me where I am today.”


If you might be interested in an Apprenticeship @ Kendal College, start your future on our website.

If you are interested in working for the NHS, explore their opportunities here

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