Our Students: Karol from Engineering

Karol Krauze

Karol Krauze is from Appleby and is doing the second year of his EAL Level 3 Engineering course after progressing from the Level 2 course.

The reputation of Kendal College was 100% better than other colleges I could have chosen. I came to look round on an Open Evening and was really impressed with the engineering workshops and the tutors I spoke to.

AM: Is College like you had expected. If not, why?
KK: Yes, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the workshops are well set out. I was a bit worried about making friends, but it didn’t take me long. My whole group were in the same boat and I realised that I was worrying about nothing.


AM: What do you most enjoy about College life?
KK: The tutors treat me like an adult. My design ideas are encouraged and they offer me sound advice.

AM: What opportunities have you had as a student at the College?
KK: There is a trip planned to Prague this year where we will visit the Skoda factory. I never thought that I would be able to travel abroad as part of my course. I have also had the opportunity to meet people from all over Cumbria and Lancashire and broaden my circle of friends. In fact I met my girlfriend here at Kendal College.


AM: What is the teaching style like on your course?
KK: They do a really good job. They demonstrate the machines with an obvious amount of knowledge and understanding. They also show us how to use the computer software effectively and efficiently to prepare us for employment in this sector.

AM: Can you describe a typical day at College?
KK: The Level 2 course was mainly workshop based, but the Level 3 course concentrates more on the technical side.


AM: How would you describe your College experience so far?
KK: I have really enjoyed my course it is one of the best things I have ever done. I have made new friends and at the end of this year I will have gained a valuable qualification, ready for employment.

AM: If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
KK: Come to Kendal College, it is the best decision I have made concerning my education and preparation for employment.

If Karol has prompted an interest in Engineering @ Kendal College, we offer a fantastic range of courses. Start your future on our website.

The interview was conducted by Adele Mundy, the College’s Student Services Manager.


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