Our Students: Emily from Animal Management

Emily Hawcroft

Emily Hawcroft is 26 and is in the second year of her Level 3 Extended Diploma Animal Management, based at Kendal College’s impressive Animal Rescue Centre. Emily is extremely interested in the welfare of animals & the College’s close links with the RSPCA & Animal Rescue Cumbria were a big part of her decision to study at the College.

AM: Why did you choose Kendal College?
EH: I chose this College because of its location and the reviews of the course on the website. I came to look round on an Open Evening and really liked the layout of the building and the facilities available.

AM: Is College like you had expected?
EH: It’s better than I expected. My mum used to work here and I came in a few times with her when I was younger. It has changed and developed such a lot.

AM: What do you most enjoy about College life?
EH: I love studying and the feeling I have of independence. I am here for a reason and am encouraged to reach my ultimate goal. Work experience is an important aspect of my programme of study. I have been able to spend time with the RSPCA and also Animal Rescue Cumbria. The Animal Rescue Centre here at college has enabled me to gain more knowledge and understanding of wildlife and their environment. Animal Care and Management is about so much more than just caring for cats and dogs.


AM: What opportunities have you had as a student at the College?
EH: Coming back into the education system as a mature student has really boosted my confidence. This led me to volunteering at Pets at Home when they took part in World Bath Day for Dog Grooming. I was a witness for their The Guinness World Book of Records attempt. I really enjoyed the day and as a result I was offered a job! I now attend college 3 days per week and work 4 days per week at Vets for Pets.

AM: What is the teaching style like on your course?
EH: I get on really well with all my tutors. They are willing to spend extra time with me if I don’t quite understand something. There are deadlines to meet when completing assignments and independent study is encouraged, which enables me to achieve my best grades.

AM: Can you describe a typical day at College?
EH: No 2 days are the same, but they are all enjoyable. I am gaining so much knowledge and understanding. The ‘hands on’ experience I have when based in the Animal Rescue Centre is invaluable and I find it very therapeutic.

AM: How would you describe your College experience so far?
EH: 10 out of 10. This course has really expanded my knowledge and understanding of animal management.


AM: What are you hoping to do after College?
EH: I want to train as a Veterinary Nurse. I am going to apply to Myerscough College. If this course was offered at Kendal College, I would stay here. I also intend to continue with my employment at Vets for Pets.

AM: If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
EH: If you enrol on a course at college, make the most of it while you can. The 2 years I have spent here have passed so quickly. The work experience element is really important and should be taken seriously. It can help you to decide your future career pathway.

If Emily has prompted an interest in Animal Care @ Kendal College, we offer a fantastic range of courses. Start your future on our website.

The interview was conducted by Adele Mundy, the College’s Student Services Manager.

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