Our Students: Ella from Motor Vehicle


Ella Beevers is from Lancaster and she started her Level 2 Motor Vehicle qualification in 2016.

I’ve always been interested in cars and used to spend ages tinkering with my mum’s car even before I started to study at college. I began with the Level 1 course last year and progressed to the Level 2 this year.

AM: Why did you choose Kendal College?
EB: I came to look round and meet the tutors on an Open Day. The workshop facilities were amazing and I decided that I wanted to study here rather than at my local college.

AM: Is College like you had expected. If not, why?
EB: It is completely different from school. The tutors are not as strict as I expected them to be. I like the fact that I can study just 1 subject and the tutors are brilliant.

AM: What do you most enjoy about College life?
EB: Gaining knowledge and developing new skills. The workshop is really well equipped and I love working on the cars we have available.

AM: What opportunities have you had as a student at the College?
EB: We have been on team building days, for example Go Karting. Work experience is part of my course and I spent some time at a local Honda garage. I have also had the chance to work on some special projects like helping to restore a Lotus.

AM: What is the teaching style like on your course?
EB: My tutors make learning fun. I really enjoy the problem solving tasks they set. I get practical experience and gain knowledge at the same time.

AM: How would you describe your College experience so far?
EB: Awesome. The skills and knowledge I am gaining proved to be transferable when I attended my work placement.

AM: What are you hoping to do after College?
EB: I would like to continue to study possibly via the apprenticeship route.

AM: If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
EB: Come to an Open Evening and then apply!

If Ella has prompted an interest in Motor Vehicle Maintenance @ Kendal College, we offer a fantastic range of courses. Start your future on our website.

The interview was conducted by Adele Mundy, the College’s Student Services Manager.


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