Our Work Experience Time

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KK and I are two girls from Windermere School, visiting Kendal College for a five-day work experience. We didn’t actually know what to expect but it was a wonderful area with lots of trees and nature. Mrs. King, the Career Adviser at our school, organized a 5-day work experience in June, where all Year 10 students can get a placement and gain lots of experience about working life. Everybody was very excited when they first heard about this idea. The days were flowing, and then the first day came.


We arrived at Kendal College at 9:00 am and entered the reception. Adele Mundy, our supervisor, welcomed us cordially and allocated us to our desks. On our desk stood a computer, keyboard, telephone, storage table and much more. After this we got to know the whole campus from Wendy, who works within the Student Services team. Our first impression of the campus, was very good because it is modern, big and comfortable. She showed us all the facilities. We saw the library, canteen, animal rescue centre (where we met some cute animals), the motor vehicle garage, engineering, beauty salon, multiple class rooms, three conference rooms, the car park, business area, construction and much more. A normal work day goes from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. but we had the privilege to come at 9:00 am and end at 4/4:30 pm. After the tour in the main campus, we had lunch in the canteen. One hour later, Adele drove us to the Arts and Media campus, the Allen Building, to show us what the atmosphere is like there and how it’s different to the main site. We took pictures for an art blog post about the exhibition. As we walked in, there was a huge difference, not in a bad way, just different. The Allen felt more alive compared to the main site because of the creative subjects there. It is a rather old building built of stone, very beautiful, old with a modern spin. The receptionist welcomed us and gave us a flavour of what it’s like to work at the campus. It was a pretty amazing and interesting day. Shortly after this, the new school mini bus picked us up at the bus stop in front of the main building at 4:30 and that was our first day finished.


We arrived again at 9:00 am at the reception and Wendy brought us to Conference Room 1, where we had to fold prospectuses in preparation for the Open Evening on Thursday. This took us two hours but with good music and KK the time managed to fly by. We had to fill 13 brown boxes with these prospectuses all complete with an application form. After finishing this task, we went into town to meet some friends from school who are doing work experience as well. This was on our lunch break for an hour. We hadn’t realised the walk into town would be as long as it was but we got there in the end! The next step was to drive down with Adele once again to the Arts and Media campus to take pictures from the art exhibition and videos of the music groups rehearsing and to watch some of the art students’ final presentations. We wanted to write a blog about the different types of art pictures and pieces the students had created in level two and three. Adele gave us advice on how to get more information about the pieces and the level three art students in their presentations told us how they had come up with the ideas and inspirations for their final piece. This day ended as well with driving back to the main campus and getting picked up by the school mini bus.

Here are some photos from the art presentation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


At 9:00 am the minibus dropped us off at the bus station in front of the main campus. We basically worked the whole day at our desks and worked on different pieces Adele had given us. KK had to do a blog about the recent musical ‘UrineTown’, almost like a review, and I had to work on a music promotion video for the upcoming gig which we had recorded yesterday. Our supervisor explained how to use a video editing app which was useful, not just for now but also for the future. I had to cut and edit a video in a small amount of time because the music gig was in Bootleggers at 7 pm until 10 pm that night, meaning I had to be quick and focused. After a few minutes I knew how to edit it and which videos should be in it. There were lots of long and short videos but the final video needed to be short for social media. I edited it to 45 seconds, and when posted it got over 600 views and reached over 2000 people on Facebook! My friend had much fun with writing her blog as she could let her express her own thoughts about the musical. The musical was well worth seeing; the characters were well chosen and the cast was very talented. She wrote about the characters and cast, the plot and the overall outcome. Later on in the day we went and had lunch in Kendal once again and went to a restaurant neither of us had been to before and were pleasantly surprised. When we returned we carried on with our jobs and were shortly picked up by the school bus. The day seemed to fly by!


When we arrived in the morning, we began to set up banners and posters for the Open Evening later in the day. It was really great fun and it took us a fair amount of time. This was good because we got to see the behind the scenes of how an Open Evening works and the time that gets put into one; we also managed to see the full campus again as we were going around doing many different jobs. At around 11:30 am we had an early lunch because we would be working later that night due to the event. When we returned, we had a few more jobs to do with the setup, however it didn’t take us too long. After that was done we went back to our previous jobs such as the blog posts, collecting photos and recording videos. When our normal day ended at around 4 pm, we travelled over to the other campus by taxi to help out and took lots of pictures from the art gallery and the whole campus. We also managed to do an interview with one of the art lecturers for the College. We were to be picked up at 7 pm.


The last day was a normal office day. We worked together on our blogs and put things away from the Open Evening. Two hours in the morning we cross-checked the website information with the part-time course guide, because Adele wanted to make sure that everything was perfect on the website. After finishing this we went straight to lunch. Furthermore, we had a relaxed end to the week and thought about what we have done this week. At the end we wrote this blog and published it.


In the end it turned out really well and it was great fun, working with other people, getting to know other people from different backgrounds and different interests.

We would do it definitely again.

Thank you for this opportunity

Birte and KK

Click here to read Birte and KK’s review of the ‘Open Studio’ exhibition.

Click here to see a clip from their interview with Mike Howard, who explains why having a network is so important to people working in the Creative Industries!

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