A Review of “Open Studio” by our two Work Placement Students

We are two students from Windermere School visiting Kendal College for work experience for five days. The first thing we did was to visit and tour both campuses. When we were over at the Arts and Media campus, we looked around  ‘Open Studio’, the art exhibition for the Art and Design students’ final end of year pieces.

Every student had an individual piece with an original story behind each artwork. These pieces were full of passion and energy. They also showed that a lot of hard work had been put into their development, to result in these final pieces.

The most captivating pieces for us were three pieces that had been well prepared and well thought out. The first art piece that grabbed our attention was a house which had no front, so the interior could be seen. This stood in water and represented the damage that people had suffered from the Cumbria floods. The clever aspect to this piece is how the wallpapers represented the worst affected areas from the floods (environment, economy…) and also how the water manages to change the house daily, as it seeps further into the furniture and weakens the wall colour, much like the real houses in the affected areas. This was created by Georgia Gascoigne.

The second piece we admired was a pencil drawing which showed a fox and other forest animals. We thought the fox was representing a protector as he is the largest compared to all the other animals. This piece shows unity and a sense of togetherness which is quite comforting to look at; the detail in the drawings expressed this also. The image seemed to have some hidden meanings which we couldn’t really pick out, but the use of the darker tones showed a mysterious side. The levels of the animals made the piece more interesting with a bit more dimension. This was drawn by Jack Wilson.

Jack Wilson.JPG

The final picture we looked at was a unique piece, which won both the Mayor’s Award and the Romney Art Prize. This was created by Tiana Mclnerney. Her piece was designed to minimise and reduce clutter, and bring more order to things and lives. This is a textile based design which had different everyday objects sewn into a curtain rail. This was an interesting piece as it made you think about the intention behind it, the colours were also quite vibrant which really grabbed our attention. Another thing which enticed us to the piece was the fact that the objects were recognisable and everyday items that we all use.

Here’s an album showing more exhibits and the award winners…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Birte & KK, Year 10 students at Windermere School

Click here to read the interview with Becca & Emilie, two Foundation Diploma students who exhibited in this year’s exhibition.

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