Business Students Trip To London (with Special Guest interviewers!)

We are two girls from Windermere School, and recently visited Kendal College for a five-day work experience. We interviewed two business students, Bethany and Ella, who attended the 3 day trip to London last week. On their trip they visited many different places such as the Houses of Parliament, Bank of England and The London Eye.

Birte & KK

london eye 2 Thames river cruise

Inside supreme court Tim Farron

What did you find most interesting about the trip?

Beth: The best day was first one. I’m really into politics so visiting parliament was great. We saw Theresa May and Corbyn debating and as it was the speaker’s election as well, so we got to experience a lot. This visit was exciting and incredible.

Ella: The supreme court was brilliant and really interested me.

Beth: This day worked well for both of us because we got to see what we liked individually. It also managed to tie together business law with politics.

What was it like to visit the Houses of Parliament and listen to Tim Farron?

Ella: It was so real to see Theresa in person!

Beth: It was like TV but better as they were there in person actually speaking to us. It was good to see Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn live and not on record. I’m quite passionate about politics so it was good to experience.

Ella: It was really good to see Tim Farron as I quite like him. It gave me the opportunity to be able to talk to Tim personally about school and life here.

What was the best day?

Both: The first and second days were the best. The educational part with the politics and then being tourists searching around London and having some recreational time at Covent Garden. Seeing new places and trying new things was great!

Beth: I was excited by Covent Garden and walking around London to see new sites and experiencing things that I’d never seen or visited before.

Ella: There was lots of food in Covent Garden which was great.

Did you see the London Eye?

Both: This was brilliant because we got to see the whole of London

Beth: We saw Grenfell in real life, it was sort of surreal as it was still getting put out. It was quite shocking as we were able to experience the news in real life.

Did you see a London Show?

Both: We saw Kinky Boots. This was a really interesting and a brilliant production. Everyone had a really good time – we all sang along when we could. Some people were quite sceptical about the show, however after watching it, everyone was wanting to buy souvenirs and it was great. It was a brilliant experience for all of us, really enjoyable.

How was the Thames Cruise?

Beth: This was a great activity as we were able to learn a lot about London itself and things that no one knew from the commentary on board. There was a bridge made by women that none of us had heard about which was made in WW2.

Ella: We learnt things no one knew about London and no one talks about and that isn’t common knowledge.

Beth: This was a more relaxed activity compared to the bustle of London, it managed to calm everyone down in the middle of a busy day of walking around or taking different routes through London.


Both: A really good trip, it managed to bring everyone together and we become closer as a group, as well as forming stronger individual friendships. The educational and recreational aspects were great and it was a good mix, so everyone had fun and learnt a lot as well.

Both: The food was great. We went for a big meal at Planet Hollywood as a group and it was a nice time to relax together after a busy trip. We would definitely recommend this trip, it was really informative and fun!


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The interview was conducted by our Work Experience students from Windermere School.

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