Plumbers go to Amsterdam!


Students interviewed
From L to R: Tom Anderson, Shae Doherty & Richard Kirkby.

In their own words …


We’ve just got back from a trip to Amsterdam. We went for 3 nights, from 15th– 18th May and travelled by ferry (a 14-hour cruise ride!) from Newcastle. There was good entertainment on the ferry, the bunk beds were surprisingly comfortable and we got into Amsterdam about 10am on Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday we got on a big coach to the train station and then onto the Pumping Station. They gave us a tour and explained how they drained water from parts of Holland so it wouldn’t be flooded.

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We saw a video about what happened in the floods and how to prevent it. There are 7 pumping stations across Holland, this one is half a museum and half still functioning, so it was good to see it. It has the oldest steam turbine in Holland.

We then got back to the main centre of Amsterdam and got sorted in our hotel.


We then saw the city and went for a group Chinese in China Town!

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We had to get up and out of the hotel at 10am on Wednesday. We went to MacDonald’s for breakfast, bought a football from a local store for £5 and played with some locals outside a café.

On the trip back we won bingo and the general knowledge quiz, so it was a good night!

We made friends with people on the Electrical course, who came with us, and it was a good mix between an educational & fun trip.


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The interview was conducted by Adele Mundy, the College’s Student Services Manager.

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