A Quick Chat with Marta from Art & Design



Marta Zawadzki joined Kendal College from Ripley St. Thomas in Lancaster and started her Level 2 Art & Design course in September 2016. She recently organised an exhibition at The Storey in Lancaster with local artist Jenny McCabe, which celebrated the work Marta produced during her time with Jenny.

AM: Why did you choose this course?
MZ: I like experimenting with different art materials and find it really relaxing. This course enables me to do what I want to do.

AM: Why did you choose Kendal College?
MZ: I’d seen a few colleges but was more impressed with the facilities here. There’s more space to do practical work and a huge variety of equipment to use.

AM: What do you most enjoy about College life?
MZ: I like finding out about new artists and am always looking for new inspirations.

AM: What is the teaching style like on your course?
MZ: Very good as you learn by trying out a variety of things – one week we’ll be doing drawing, then printmaking or ceramics. We have a variety of workshops to begin with and then we do our own piece, where we have the freedom to decide which materials to use. We take inspiration from artists we’ve looked at to create our Final Major Project (FMP). As well as practical work, we analyse artists and our own work through blog work.

AM: What’s your art work like and what inspires you?
MZ: My art work tends to have messages & meanings behind it and I’m inspired by nature & architecture. I’m merging these two themes for my Final Major Project. I recently organised an exhibition with local Lancaster artist Jenny Mccabe for my work experience placement. The exhibition was a celebration of the work I produced during my time with Jenny and it was held at The Storey in Lancaster.

AM: What are you hoping to do after College?
MZ: I’m hoping to go onto the Level 3 Art & Design course.

AM: If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
MZ: When I was finishing school I was nervous, as I wasn’t sure what the future held and what I was going to do, but you’re too young to worry about that. College teaches you loads of skills, which later will help you decide what you want to do. And if anyone tells you there are limited jobs in Art & Design – there are so many different forms of art, the world is made up of art! From architecture to art for entertainment – life would be boring without it! Buildings, logos, signs… everything you see around you is from people who studied Art & Design at one point, to give them the skills they needed to go onto that job – there are so many opportunities after this course!

The Quick Fire Round!

AM: Person who most inspires you?
MZ: Jenny McCabe (Artist)

AM: Pinterest or Instagram?
MZ: Instagram

AM: Most creative environment you’ve been in?
MZ: Bristol, I love the architecture

AM: Vine or Snapchat?
MZ: Neither

AM: Artist you’d most like to have a coffee with?
MZ: Jenny McCabe

AM: If you were an animal, what would you be?
MZ: Owl/Wolf

AM: In 10 years time…?
MZ: I will be doing something creative


If Marta has prompted an interest in Art & Design @ Kendal College, we offer a fantastic range of courses. Start your future on our website.

The interview was conducted by Adele Mundy, the College’s Student Services Manager.

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