Meet Jane, tutor on our Children, Young People & Their Services Foundation Degree

What course/s do you teach?

Foundation Degree in Children, Young People & Their Services (CHYPS). I teach on the management and specialist practitioner modules.

The Foundation Degree allows an insight into the World of Early Years and the theories behind it. It gives the practitioner a good grounding in all aspects of Early Years to help them discover, incite and shape where they want to be in the future. Students can progress onto the BA (Hons) in Children, Schools and Families, which can lead onto careers in early years, primary teaching and social work.

What experience do you have in the industry?

I am currently the Manager/EYP of Sunnybrow Daycare Ltd at Castle Park – managing a team of staff, leading practice and safeguarding, and coordinating staff training. I am a representative for Early Years on schools forums and part of a manager network and various steering groups for nursery funding etc.

Previously, I have also worked as a manager of a PVI Preschool, managing the day-to-day responsibilities and maintaining links with schools. I’ve been a trainer for PSLA, delivering pre-written and my own training to students and have also managed out of school care. I am a mum of 3 Children and am now a Nanny for my grandson who is 10 months old.

What was your journey into Early Years?

I studied at Kendal College doing the HNC in Early Childhood Studies part-time in 1996 and went onto the Foundation Degree in Integrated Care and Education of Children & Young People and then the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Children, Schools and Families with UCLAN in 2011. I completed my EYPP (Early Years Professional Status) in July 2012 at Lancaster. The course modules are very similar to those which I teach now and because of my current role of as an EYPP/Manager of a daycare Nursery, the college asked me to teach the Management Module, using my personal experience and knowledge to enhance the course.

Personally the EYPP was my ultimate goal – to get recognition of the job and role that I love, am passionate about and put my life and soul into. However, as I tell my students – it was the Foundation Degree that I feel shaped me into the practitioner I am today. It was likened to a toolbox, where you can dip into a variety of roles on offer within early years and pick out those that you are passionate about. You develop an in depth knowledge of areas like child protection, management roles, observing and assessment, learning and development and the unique child – basically learning why we do what we do.

It was the Foundation Degree where I learnt to study, write academically and the ultimate time management, with 3 children, a husband and a house to run as well as working full-time. I’m able to give advice from my own learning and study, and share my working knowledge of how the theories and ideas manifest into practice. The Foundation Degree, the staff and the friends I made along the way, have without doubt shaped me into the practitioner I am today.

What do you like about your job at Sunnybrow Daycare?

I love being a part of children’s learning journey and watching them flourish and come into their own, through hard work, passion and caring, even those who are more vulnerable and seeing them make progress and am very passionate about these vital early years. Also passing on my knowledge and experience as we work in a very demanding job and have a lot of experience to share and impart to others. I love to discover new ideas and ways of working to challenge my own practice and to help fulfil an exciting, stimulating and intriguing environment for children to discover.

What three words would you use to describe college life to a potential student?

It’s exciting, interesting and you meet new friends.

What animal best suits your personality and why?

A dog – hard working, caring, passionate about discovering new things – like a bone, extremely loyal and dedicated.

How do you spend your Sunday’s?

With the family if possible, shopping for work, discovering new ideas and relaxing with my husband and my dogs

What are your top tips for someone considering college?

Go for it – the Foundation Degree was the best course I went on and had shaped me into the practitioner that I am today. College is a whole new world of things, ideas and a whole new community to discover. Learning helps you to understand the reasons behind what we do – that’s full of surprises and furthers your experiences. It can be daunting with the work load but tips re time management, other people to share and bounce ideas off, discussions which can be very revealing and working closely with the tutors all help to achieve the desired result with commitment.

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