Life as a Business Apprentice

I’m currently doing a Level 3 Business Admin Apprenticeship at Kendal College, this consists of 4 days a week working at my place of work and 1 day a week studying at College.

I have a keen interest in Marketing, especially the design aspects which come under the marketing umbrella. I am therefore working as a Marketing Assistant (Apprentice role) at Lakelovers in Windermere, which is proving to be full of opportunities.

Although I have only recently joined the Lakelovers team, I am finding it a great place to work, I wouldn’t have been able to get any experience in the marketing industry without doing an apprenticeship, or going to Uni for 3-4 years, which has never really interested me. The reason I wanted to pick an apprenticeship was because I have done theory based learning for years at school, and I have studied business studies for a large part of this time, therefore I decided it was time to get some on the job experience, while still having the support of the College and of course still getting a qualification at the end of it all!

I have tried all the options bar University, and my personal opinion is that an apprenticeship is the best way to go. I did a year of sixth form and if exams are your thing then that’s great! But that didn’t work for me. I then started a Level 3 business course, also at Kendal College, which was an interesting course, but like I said there is a lot of theory involved.

There are many things that I enjoy about doing an apprenticeship, one of these is that a lot of the work is picking projects you’ve carried out at work and evidencing them to meet the requirements of each unit, therefore a lot of the work is done on the job – almost without you noticing. The units are very fitting with your job, as you can pick and choose the units you would like to do, therefore you find them interesting and it also makes you feel like you have a bit more control over your own learning.

The Awards Evening:

One of the units I picked was ‘Contributing to the organisation of and Event’, I chose this because event planning was one of the routes that I thought I might want to go down and it won’t hurt to put this Event down on my CV! The event we are hosting is an Apprenticeship Awards Evening; which links in with National Apprenticeship week, this evening celebrates the effort put in by apprenticeships and their employers. We will be hosting the event at Kendal College on Tuesday 7th March, there are five of us planning and carrying out the event with the help of our very committed tutor; Michelle and also the hospitality and catering department at Kendal College. I am in charge of the marketing of this event, the rest of the team (Holly, Adele, Leah and Jenson) have been carrying out the more important tasks that come with the planning of an event including things such as; budgeting, sending out invites, collecting invites, collecting sponsors, arranging table plan, risk assessments, contingency plans etc.

This year I’m hoping to complete my apprenticeship in October and I’m really hoping to carry on at Lakelovers, gaining more experience in the industry so in the future I can possibly move somewhere bigger and eventually get into fashion marketing. I think that the course I’m doing, accompanied by my job role, will really help me get there.

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