What is it like to be a Student at Kendal College?

Kendal College met my expectations and more. I am studying Music and I am currently in my Second Year. When I first started this course I was so nervous, as I was the only one out of my friendship group that actually went to College. They all stayed and did 6th form. I knew absolutely nobody on this course and I was so worried that it would stay that way. I couldn’t have been more wrong! By the end of the first week, I had become friends with nearly everyone on the course and the atmosphere was just so unexpected. The students and the tutors are on a first name basis and because of how they treat you and how knowledgeable they are in their subject, you want to be taught by them and you enjoy their lessons.


This College has a much more adult environment than other schools or colleges that I have been in or visited. You can wear what you want as there is no uniform requirements of any kind, you can go off site during your breaks and you definitely feel that the tutors want the best for you.

That is the one thing that I think sets this College apart from others. The way the tutors are so enthusiastic and willing to go that extra mile, and that they genuinely care about you, and want the best for you. With these tutors, I feel very confident that coming to this college was the best choice for my future.

Another thing that surprised me about Kendal College was how varied my course was and how varied a lot of the other courses are. Most of the courses have a good mix between practical and academic assessment. Because of the course being so varied, it means that generally you will get a lot more enjoyment out of the course itself and consequently your College experience as a whole.

The College is also very good at helping you with what you do after College. For example, I have recently been doing my UCAS application, as I am wanting to study music at University after my course has finished. The College has been extremely good at helping me find good options for university and giving me all the best advice they can. The College took us to Manchester where a university fair was taking place. Loads of universities from all over the country went there, so that students could talk to a lot of different universities and get a better idea of the choices that are out there. This massively helped me in deciding which universities to apply to.

Overall, this College has been very supportive and it has been a very large part of my life over these past two years. I can safely say it was the correct decision for my future coming here, and I hope it will be for present and future students.

Jack Tyson

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