Interview with Part Time AAT Student


Student Name: Joe Wrennall

Age: 19

Home Town: Lancaster

Previous School: Ripley St. Thomas


What Part-Time course are you studying?

“I am studying AAT Level 4”

Why did you choose this course?

“I chose this course because Accountancy is a very open subject and you can do it in any industry. You can also develop your career to earn good money by doing Accountancy”.

What has been your career journey so far from school to where you are now?

“After completing my GCSEs, I did my A-Levels and worked Part Time. When I left 6th Form I got a Level 3 Accountancy Apprenticeship with a local company (Moore & Smalley) and I worked there for a year. Now I am doing my Level 4 AAT Accountancy Apprenticeship at the same company”.

What do you most enjoy about the course?

“The subject is interesting and I like to learn things which directly help with my job. I enjoy the fact that it is a logical subject”.

Is College like you expected? If not, what is different?

“In some ways I find College similar to 6th Form, such as the friendly atmosphere, but there are some differences. At College I feel like I am treated as an adult, the teachers are very accessible (- they quickly respond to emails) and we call the teachers by their first names”.

How does the course work well around your employment?

“I come to College 1 day per week and I go to my workplace 4 days a week”.

How many hours a week does it take to complete outside of class and work?

“I tend to do 5-6 hours of study outside of class and work, and there is approximately 4 hours in class per week”.

What skills have you developed during the course?

“I have learnt a lot about comprehension from class and exams, and this has built on my problem solving skills”.

How have you used the new skills learnt during j-wrennall-croppedthe course?

“These skills have helped me with my exams, my class work and my job, where I am given notes about a client and need to work out what is the correct action to take”.

If you could give other people considering Part Time Learning some advice, what would it be?

“Do it! It is great, especially with an Apprenticeship – you learn and get paid at the same time!”


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